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Thursday, February 24, 2011


I believe that with intentions of shaping a better country for the forthcoming generations, the fathers of our constitution may have done their level best. I also agree that those people must be very thoughtful and wise individuals of the time. But, definitely  far-sightedness was not one of their strong points. They probably had thought that reservation would bring equality and would eliminate the age-old differences between various castes. But the ill-effects of reservation have been so prominent that the original motive of providing reservations has been lost. The quality of government colleges or organizations have suffered a severe blow due to the so-called social reform "reservation". How do you suppose to bring an end to the evils of caste system when you ask for the caste of an individual in every form that he fills? In the present scenario, reservation has become the tool of politicians to employ the "divide and rule" policy and exploit the "adult franchise" power of people. It is a matter of concern and I invite the intellectual population of India to consider it seriously.